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Which Crusher is needed to process Concrete?

author:dahua2 time:2023-03-09

Concrete sand and stone should meet the multiple standards of reasonable content of stone powder, complete and uniform grain type, high hardness and crushing value, so the selection of crusher equipment is very important. There are three commonly used and cost-effective types of equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact sand making machine.
stone crusher application
Jaw crusher: Jaw crusher is used in the coarse crushing stage in the production line. This crusher has stable operation, large crushing force, and wide applicability, it can break hundreds of materials for medium particle size below, and the output is as high as 50-1400 t/h.
Cone crusher: Medium crushing is an important process to determine the size of stone. The optimized cone crusher can effectively reduce the content of needle and chip materials, and has the characteristics of intelligent control, strong wear resistance and high working efficiency. It can produce 115-700 tons stones per hour.
Impact sand making machine:  Sand making machine is used for fine crushing of sand and stone. The production of sand particle size is uniform, grain type is complete, with hydraulic device, adjustment and maintenance are convenient, the output is as high as 16-715t/h.
Large concrete sand production site
In recent years, domestic infrastructure projects have been promoted, the demand for concrete, sand and stone is very high. This is the 400 t/h concrete crushing production line at customer site.
hydraulic cone crusher
stone jaw crusher
Material: Granite
Production capacity: 400t/h
Equipment: European jaw crusher + multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher +PLS impact sand making machine + other auxiliary equipment
Project introduction: The combination of jaw crusher and cone crusher is very suitable for the crushing operation of granite rock. The impact sand making machine can carry out finer processing on the finished product, so that it meets the standards of concrete sand and stone.
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pls sand making machine
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