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Analysis of Technical Parameters of 750*1060 Jaw Crusher

author:dahua2 time:2022-01-06

Jaw crusher 750*1060 has many technical parameter values. Today, we mainly analyze the feed size, production capacity, power, weight and other parameters of the equipment.

750*1060 jaw crusher

1. The acceptable stone feed size range of the 750*1060 jaw crusher is 640mm, and the specific feed opening size is 750×1060mm;

2. The output of 750*1060 jaw crusher equipment is relatively high, and its standard capacity is 90-310t/h. Due to the user's proficiency in the operation of the equipment, its output value may slightly increase or decrease.

3. The motor power of the 750*1060 jaw crusher is 8P 110kw or 4P 55kw*2. The motor may also be adjusted according to the user's different crushing production lines.

4. The weight of the 750*1060 jaw crusher is about 29 tons.

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