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5 Tips on Selection of Limestone Crusher Machines

author:dahua2 time:2024-03-14

1. Limestone with low mud content: hammer crusher
When crushing limestone with a mud content of less than 5% and a moisture content of less than 7%, choose a hammer crusher.
Hammer crushers are the first choice for crushing soft to medium-hard rocks. Moreover, with small crushing cavity and well-sealed structure, hammer crushers solve the problems of dust pollution and powder leakage.
hammer crusher
Limestone that contains too much mud and water can cause the material to build up on the grates of the hammer crusher, resulting in severe blockage.
If the mud content in the limestone raw material is too high, place a pre-screening device (trommel screen) in front of the crusher machine to remove the mud.
2. Limestone with high moisture content: impact crusher
When crushing limestone with a moisture content exceeds 7%, impact crusher is a good choice.
limestone crushing plant
The impact crusher has more advantages in processing materials with high water content. The feed chute and impact plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the material from sticking. And it has no grate sieve plate at the bottom, avoiding blockage.
Limestone rocks containing too much moisture may require additional drying machine before crushing.
3. Highly abrasive limestone: jaw crusher and impact crusher
When the limestone rock is highly abrasive, choose an impact crusher. It has a better adaptability to abrasive rocks than other stone crushers. When the abrasiveness is high, you'd better adopt a two-stage crushing process. The common collocation is jaw crusher as primary crusher and impact crusher as secondary crusher.
4. Temporary limestone crushing needs: mobile crusher
If you have temporary limestone crushing needs, or your rock crushing plant is remote, mobile crusher is an ideal choice for limestone rock. In addition, you can match the mobile crusher with different stone crushers according to your needs.
mobile impact crusher
5. Limestone sand: sand making machine
 VSI (Vertical Shaft Impact) sand making machines and HVI sand making machines are popular choices for making high-quality limestone sand. In the wet sand making process, sand making machines often work with sand washing machines to get cleaner limestone sand.
sand making machine

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