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Complete Equipment for Marble Sand Making Plant

author:dahua2 time:2024-04-26

As a raw material in the fields of crafts, technical engraving, decorative architecture and other fields, a lot of waste, leftovers, scraps, etc. will be generated during the cutting process. These wastes are piled up in an area and it is a pity to abandon them. Is there any way to reuse them?
Marble is a hard material, and so are its scraps. The process of its processing and utilization is the process of crushing and making sand, which generally requires the following steps: crushing, sand making, screening, sand washing, etc.
1. Crushing stage—coarse crushing
Jaw crusher is a common coarse crushing equipment. It is the first equipment to collide with stones head-on. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, strong crushing capacity, stable performance and simple structure. It is mainly used to break large stones into small stones. .
marble stone jaw crusher
2. Crushing stage – medium to fine crushing
Since marble is a material with high hardness, it is more appropriate to choose a cone crusher. The cone crusher adopts the laminated crushing principle for crushing. It has strong production capacity, high crushing efficiency, wear resistance and durability, and low failure rate. At this stage, it is mainly used to crush marble. The coarsely crushed finished product is further processed into fine crushers to meet the feeding requirements of the sand making machine.
marble stone cone crusher
3. Sand making stage—sand making machine
The PLS sand making machine can both make sand and shape it. Repeated impact crushing makes the finished product at this stage good in shape and uniform in size.
marble sand making machine
4. Sand washing stage—sand washing machine
This stage is an important stage for improving the quality of sand and gravel. The sand washing machine cleans the impurities mixed in the sand and the mud attached to the surface of the gravel, which improves the cleanliness of the sand and expands the market for the sand. Wheel sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine are two common sand washing equipments, which can be selected according to needs.
marble sand washer
5. Other stages - screening, feeding, conveying
Feeding, screening, and conveying links are all links that connect the entire production line and are indispensable components of a sand and gravel production line. The vibrating feeder is used in the feeding process, which needs to ensure continuous and stable feeding, so as to avoid clogging. The main operating equipment in the screening process is the vibrating screen, which plays the role of screening and grading. The circular vibrating screen, Linear vibrating screens are commonly used for screening; conveyor belts are the main equipment in the conveying process and are used to convey loose materials or finished items. According to the requirements of the conveying process, they can be conveyed as a single unit, or they can be composed of multiple units or combined with other units. Conveying equipment forms a horizontal or inclined conveying system.
The above is the complete configuration of a marble sand making production line. Of course, the equipment can also be replaced and adjusted according to actual needs. In short, marble scraps can be processed into sand. As long as the marble scraps are properly processed, the scraps and scraps can be turned into treasures. The application value is very high, such as sand making, used as auxiliary materials for concrete paving, and grinding. The powder is used in chemical industry and other fields, etc.
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