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Considerations for Choosing a Sand Crusher

author:dahua2 time:2023-12-29

Sand making is the process of creating artificial or manufactured sand from materials like rock, stone, sandstone, or glass. With the increasing demand for sand, the market for sand making machines is also growing rapidly.
Hot-selling sand making machines, more commonly known as sand crushers, include:
sand making machine
Which sand crusher is better? How to choose the right one for your sand production? Take these factors into consideration when selecting a sand crusher machine.
1. What is your investment budget?
■ If you have sufficient funds, a mobile sand making machine is the best one. It is suitable for various on-site crushing plants with high work efficiency. In the next place, you can choose sand making machines or hammer crushers.
■ If your fund is limited, buy roller crushers or compound crushers with low output and low prices.
2. What is your material to be crushed?
■ To crush large stones, you can either directly choose a hammer crusher or choose a two-stage crushing process consisting of a jaw crusher and a sand making machine.
■ To crush stones with high moisture content, choose compound crushers or roller crushers.
■ To crush medium-hard or soft stones, choose roll crushers, hammer crushers, or compound crushers.
■ VSI sand crushers are suitable for stones of various hardness.
3. What are your capacity and finished product requirements?
■ If your sand making plant requires high output and good sand shape, buy a VSI sand crusher or a mobile crushing machine.
■ If the sand making plant requires higher output, a hammer crusher can be purchased. But the sand grain shape is not very good.
■ For small sand making plants, roller crushers and compound crushers are good choices.
Whether you need limestone sand, granite sand, basalt sand, or glass sand, Dahua machinery can provide solid sand making machines and efficient sand production lines according to your raw material size, output size, output, stone hardness, etc. Feel free to contact us.

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