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Crawler Mobile Jaw Crushing Station Successfully Delivered

author:dahua2 time:2022-07-27

On July 19, 2022, the crawler mobile crushing station with an output of 350 tons per hour of Dahua Heavy Industry has been designed, planned, manufactured, and tested to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, so that the equipment can arrive at the user site on time and ensure the normal operation of the customer. Production does not affect the production progress. The logistics department cooperates with the production department and the marketing department tacitly, works together, and works overtime. In order to reach the delivery site smoothly, we adopted a split method for transportation in two vehicles.

Crawler Mobile Jaw Crushing Station

This equipment adopts an intelligent operating system, which can realize "one-button" start-up operation, and has efficient crushing ability and controllability.

Over the years, Dahua Heavy Industry has unswervingly followed the road of independent innovation, adhered to the innovative concept, developed and manufactured 6 series and more than 20 models of crawler jaw crushing station, crawler impact crushing station and crawler cone crushing station. Specifications and models, at the same time, drive industrial upgrading with technological innovation, keep abreast of the development trend of mining machinery, and help the green development of the mining industry.

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