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Daily Maintenance of Sand Washer

author:dahua time:2020-01-02

Sand washer is the auxiliary equipment in the sand production line, used for cleaning and grading the fine sand produced by the sand making machine. The maintenance of sand washer can guarantee the normal operation of equipment and extend the service life of sand washer.

bucket wheel sand washer

Generally, the sand washer contains 50-70% lubrication grease and must be replaced every three months. At the same time, the roller bearings are carefully cleaned with clean gasoline or kerosene. Good maintenance can ensure that the sand washer has been in a good standby state, can be put into operation at any time, reduce downtime, improve the utilization rate of the sand washer, reduce wear, so as to extend the running time of the sand washer, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure safety production.

Luoyang Dahua sand washer has bucket wheel sand washer and spiral sand washer. Bucket wheel sand washer has simple structure, except for the screen sieve, there are no vulnerable parts. This kind of sand washer has large capacity, small power consumption, and easy for maintenance. The sand loss rate is low during sand washing; While the spiral sand washer is a long and narrow trough body, with ideal stirring effect that can prolong the suspension time of material in water. The structure is also relatively simple, smooth operation, clean sand washing, high yield, and high efficiency.

spiral sand washer

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