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Different Types of Mobile Crushers for Processing Stone

author:dahua2 time:2021-11-08

Mobile stone crushers are getting deeper and deeper into the sand and gravel industry, mainly used for mining, sand and gravel processing, and construction solid waste recycling. It has the characteristics of high output, high reliability and low energy consumption.

According to the specific working principle, the mobile crusher can be divided into mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile cone crusher and so on. The three types of mobile crushers have their own advantages and can be selected according to actual production needs.

1.  mobile stone jaw crusher

Mobile jaw crusher is suitable for coarse crushing of materials. The feed is up to 1500mm and the output is 40-650 tons per hour. The higher the output, the more expensive the price;

mobile jaw cusher machine

2. mobile stone impact crusher

As the main equipment, the impact crusher can be equipped with a vibrating screen, which is suitable for medium and fine crushing of materials with lower hardness. It is mostly used in small and medium-sized sand and gravel plants. The feed is less than 500mm and the output is 40-350 tons per hour.

mobile impact crusher

3.  Mobile stone cone crusher

The mobile cone crusher is suitable for the medium and fine crushing of materials with high hardness. It is mostly used in large-scale sand and gravel plants. The feed is less than 230mm, and the output is 40-500 tons per hour. It can produce materials of various specifications such as 12/13/24. Compared with other equipment, under the same output, the price is more expensive and the performance is better.

mobile cone crusher

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