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How Much is A Set of 200 TPH Sand Washing Machine?

author:dahua2 time:2022-11-11

Sand washing machine mainly uses water to clean, desliming, removing impurities and screening stone powder, tailings and machine-made sand, etc., to meet the standards of construction sand. How much is a set of 200t/h sand washing machine? The following is a detailed explanation.
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I. Model of 200 t/h sand washing machine
Sand washing machine is mainly developed based on the actual situation of the industry. It adopts wheel bucket design with large and clean cleaning quantity. The water vapor layer wrapped in sand can be destroyed to achieve deep cleaning. There is no cleaning dead zone, and the sand discharge rate is about 90%. Its novel sealing structure design, environmental protection and water saving operation, less fine sand loss in the process of washing makes it has become the favored sand washing machine in stone production line. The output is about 20-220 tons per hour. The equipment models are complete, and the technical parameters are detailed as follows.
Type Wheel Diameter(mm) Wheel Width(mm) Wheel Speed(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
DXS2.8 2800 880 1.235 20-50 7.5 3875×2550×2910
DXS3.2 3200 880 1.217 100-150 11 4547×3069×3400
DXS3.6 3600 1200 1.09 130-190 15 4982×4146×3800
DXS3.8 3800 1600 1.07 150-220 22 4978×5440×3798
DXS3.8/3 3800 2400 1.09 250-350 37 4978×5440×3798
Vibrating feeder + vibrating screen + bucket wheel sand washing machine and recovery machine + conveyor
The sand washing, fine sand recovery, dehydration and other technologies are combined to fully recover the fine sand and control the loss within 5%-10%.
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II. How much is the 200 t/h sand washing machine?
How much is a set of sand washing machine with an hourly capacity of 200 tons? The difference in price is mainly related to the selection of production line configuration scheme and equipment model. Moreover, there are many sand washing machine manufacturers, which are different in the selection of raw materials, production technology and input cost. There are also some differences in equipment performance and life, which will also affect the overall quotation.
The specific price of sand washing machine can be consulted online at any time. The sales manager will provide you with a detailed plan. Luoyang Dahua has been established for more than 40 years, and won the trust of 200,000+ users. We also provide one-stop after-sales service, and technical engineers go to the user site, responsible for equipment installation, commissioning, operation guidance and so on.
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