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How to Increase the Output of Cone Crusher?

author:dahua2 time:2022-04-19

It is said that the efficiency of cone crushers is relatively high, but in actual production, with the different properties of materials and the length of time the equipment use, its efficiency will be affected to a certain extent and will be reduced. So how to improve the output of cone crushers?

1. Over-iron protection

Under normal production conditions, good over-iron protection can protect the equipment from damage when there are unbreakable materials or overloading, reduce the failure rate, and ensure that the equipment has higher production efficiency.

2. Excellent crushing cavity design

The crushing cavity of the cone crusher is a very important part. Changing the shape of the crushing cavity can change the force angle of the material during the crushing process. Large impact, choose the crushing cavity type that meets your needs when purchasing.

output of cone crusher

3. Uniform feeding

The feeding speed should be uniform. Too fast may cause material blockage and damage to the crushing equipment. If too slow, the feeding will not be timely, resulting in a gap and reducing the efficiency of the cone crusher. , evenly feeding.

4. Maintain proper speed

The motor is the power source of the cone crusher, and it also affects the speed of the equipment. The higher the motor power, the higher the speed and the greater the production capacity. But not too fast, too fast will damage the equipment, just speed up the speed appropriately.

5. The feed should meet the equipment requirements

The hardness, humidity and size of the materials entering the cone crusher should meet the requirements of the equipment. The hardness and humidity of the material are 

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