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How to Increase the Output of Cone Crusher?

author:dahua2 time:2022-09-14

Cone crusher is one of the most popular medium and fine crushing equipment, suitable for crushing all kinds of medium-hard and hard materials. When many customers use cone crushers, even if they are producing at full capacity, they still feel that there is still room for improvement in production capacity. So how to increase the output of cone crushers during use?

GPY Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

1. Keep the parameters of the tight side discharge port unchanged.

In order to stabilize the output, quality and production line load of sand and gravel products, the first thing to ensure is that the parameters of the discharge port on the tight side of the cone crusher remain unchanged. Otherwise, it is easy to cause an unexpected increase in the particle size of the product, which in turn affects the entire production line system and the final output.

2. Try to continue to run "full cavity".

If a cone crusher is in full-load production for a while and half-load production for a while due to factors such as unstable feeding, its product grain shape and product rate will also fluctuate. For the cone crusher operating in half cavity, its products are not ideal in terms of gradation and needle-flake shape. Try to ensure that the cone crusher runs with full cavity, and do not overfill the material to obtain better throughput and particle shape.

HPY Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

3. Do not feed too little.

Feeding only a small amount of raw materials will not reduce the burden on the cone crusher. On the contrary, too little raw material will not only damage the output of the product and cause poor grain shape, but also adversely affect the bearing of cone crusher.

According to the working principle of cone crusher, the actual power of the cone crusher should not be lower than 40% of the rated power. In order to obtain proper "load bearing positioning" and maximize productivity, the actual power of the cone crusher should be kept between 40%-100% of the rated power, and 75%-95% of the rated power in operation is the best choice.

4. The feed drop point needs to be aligned with the center point of the cone crusher feed port.

Use the vertical deflector to guide the feed drop point in the center of the cone crusher feed port. Once the drop point is eccentric, one side of the crushing cavity is full of material and the other side is empty or less material, which will cause adverse effects such as lower crusher throughput, increased needle-like products, and oversized product particle size.

5.Ensure uniform feeding.

When feeding, it is necessary to avoid the situation that large-diameter stones are concentrated on one side and small-diameter stones are concentrated on the other side, so as to ensure that the stones are evenly mixed.

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