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Screw Sand Washer vs Wheel Bucket Sand Washer

author:dahua2 time:2022-05-25

In the sand and gravel production process, especially in the wet sand production line, the sand washing machine is an indispensable equipment, which can remove the dust on the surface of the sand and gravel and improve the quality of the product. At present, the common types of sand washing machines in the market are spiral sand washing machines and wheel bucket sand washing machines. Which sand washing machine is the better?

spiral sand washing machine

The advantages of spiral sand washing machine are as follows:

1. The spiral sand washing machine has a long body and adopts a horizontal structure arrangement. The spiral sand washing machine does not need to use a screen, which reduces the wear and tear of the screen during work, and the equipment has a longer service life.

2. The spiral sand washing machine has a larger processing capacity, higher power utilization rate, high cleaning degree, can clean fine-grained stones, and can clean gravel with serious mud. It is generally configured in large-scale sand production lines. .

3. The spiral sand washer can increase the sand and gravel output by increasing the length of the sand washer or using double spirals and double rows, so the spiral is divided into single spiral and double spiral sand washer.

wheeled sand washing machine

The advantages of wheel sand washing machine are as follows:

1. The processing capacity of the wheeled sand washing machine is relatively small, the sand loss during the cleaning process is small, and it does not need to use too much water resources. It is generally suitable for sand production lines with small and medium production capacity.

2. The wheeled sand washing machine can increase the number of grinding wheels according to the situation, so the common wheeled sand washing machines include single impeller and double impeller sand washing machines, and fine sand recovery equipment can also be installed on the side of the grinding wheel.

In general, which of these two sand washing machines is easy to use depends on the actual situation. When choosing a sand washing machine, factors such as sand and gravel composition, production capacity, production site and budget should be considered, and the one that suits your production requirements can be obtained good economic benefits.

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