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The Main Equipment for Processing Steel Slag

author:dahua2 time:2023-06-12

Steel slag is a kind of waste produced in iron and steel smelting. Improper treatment will cause serious pollution to the environment and waste of resources. Steel slag processing technology can make steel slag be effectively utilized and resourced, but this requires a series of equipment and processes.

The first stage is crushing equipment. An important task of steel slag processing is to crush steel slag for better processing. The main equipment for processing steel slag is Dahua Heavy Industry's PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher and so on. These devices are capable of crushing steel slag into particles that meet processing standards.

slag processing plant

The second stage is screening equipment. The crushed steel slag contains more fine particles and impurities and needs to be screened. Screening equipment includes screening machines, vibrating screens, etc. These equipment can separate the processed particles according to size, which is convenient for subsequent processing and utilization.

The third stage is magnetic separator . The crushed and screened steel slag also contains certain ferromagnetic substances, which need to be removed by magnetic separation equipment. Magnetic separation equipment includes wet magnetic separator and dry magnetic separator. The main function is to physically separate ferromagnetic substances and improve the resource utilization level of steel slag.

Finally, there is the grinding equipment. The last step of steel slag processing is to grind the processed particles to achieve better utilization effect. Grinder equipment mainly includes ball mills, rod mill, high pressure rollers mill, etc. These devices can make the treated particles finer and improve the final utilization effect of steel slag.

slag rod mill

In addition, steel slag processing also requires the cooperation of other auxiliary equipment and processes, such as conveying equipment, dust treatment equipment, mixing equipment, etc. The synergistic effect of these equipment and processes can transform steel slag from waste into resources, achieving the goal of double benefits of environmental protection and economy.

In short, steel slag processing plant  requires a series of equipment and technologies to make full use and value. Through steel slag processing, not only can reduce environmental pollution, but also can achieve sustainable utilization of resources.


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