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The Process of 400t/h Wet Process High Efficiency River Pebble Sand Production Line

author:dahua2 time:2022-04-27

The 400t/h river pebble sand production line consists of feeding unit, coarse crushing unit, medium crushing unit, fine crushing unit, screening unit, sand washing unit and sewage treatment unit. Due to the different sizes of sand and gravel raw materials, the feeding port adopts a two-stage feeding method, which will not produce waste materials and improve the economic benefits of the product. In the production process, a temporary buffer material storage bin and a sand-making adjustment bin are designed, which can handle natural sand and machine-made sand and gravel respectively, and operate separately and independently. It can reduce energy consumption and maintenance downtime, ensure sand production capacity and improve efficiency. The sewage produced in the sand and gravel production is treated by a plate and frame filter press. The equipment layout of the entire river pebble sand production line adopts centralized layout, which reduces the area occupied by the construction plant and saves the investment in project construction. The fully-sealed workshop and the main equipment are sunk to the ground, which reduces the working noise during production and the impact on the surrounding environment.

River Pebble Sand Production Line

The raw material (river pebbles) are poured into the raw material bin with 150mm grid screen by the transport vehicle. The raw material bin is a two-level raw material bin. The materials 150mm are directly sent to the first screening unit by two GZG150-180 feeders through the 3# belt conveyor. Two 3YKR2460 circular vibrating screens, materials 150mm are sent to JC110 jaw crusher by WBL1000×9000 plate feeder for primary crushing, and then enter the first screening unit together with materials 150mm through 3# belt conveyor for screening The material of 5mm enters two XL-914 single-screw stone washing and sand washing machines, and is dehydrated by ZKR 1230 linear vibrating screen and then sent to the finished material pile through 19# belt conveyor, and 5-25mm material enters the shaping machine. Sand pile. Materials 25mm are fed into the semi-finished product yard by two GZG110-150 feeders (due to the large drop between the screen and the belt conveyor), and are evenly fed into two HP Y400 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers by GZG125-175 vibrating feeders After that, it enters two 3YKR2475 circular vibrating screens in the second screening workshop, and produces 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-25mm finished materials, of which 0-5mm materials enter two DXS3.2 bucket wheel sand washers, After dehydration by ZKR1230 linear vibrating screen, it is directly sent to the finished material pile. The materials above 25mm and some 10-25mm materials (with a hopper) enter the shaping sand making yard, and are evenly fed into two PLS1000II vertical impact crushers by the GZG125-175 feeder. Return to the second screening workshop, and enter the finished product pile after screening. Among them, the 0-5mm material enters two DXS3.2 bucket wheel sand washing machines, and is dehydrated by ZKR1230 linear vibrating screen and sent directly to the finished material pile. After the sewage passes through the FSPD-550 fine sand recycling machine, it enters the 0-5mm finished product pile. The recovered sewage can be recycled after being pumped into the sewage treatment system. Ultimately achieve "100% recycling, 0 sewage discharge".

Huazn company can design complete solutions and contract overall projects for sand and aggeregate plant with below 2000TPHRiver pebble sand production line is characterized by local materials, handling capacity, wear small, low operating costs. Can be widely used in mining, electricity, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, refractories, concrete mixing stations, highways, railways and other industries, production and processing of highway surface materials, high-grade road gravel, high-speed passenger rail line sand stone Materials, hydroelectric power station sand and gravel material, port and airport runway with gravel material and other special construction areas.

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