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Three Different Crushing Processes of Limestone Crusher

author:dahua2 time:2021-12-29

After limestone crushing or sand making, the finished material has uniform grain shape, good grain shape, and reasonable gradation. It is a high-quality stone (aggregate) that is eagerly purchased in various fields such as roads, railways, airport runways, construction, municipal construction, and hydropower dams. . The scientific limestone crushing production line is designed to better improve the economic benefits of users and enterprises and reduce useless consumption. Considering that the size of limestone raw materials is not fixed, and the demand standards for finished materials are also different, three different crushing processes are recommended here:

limestone crusher

Medium crushing one-time forming: No other crushing equipment is needed, just use the heavy hammer crusher as the main crushing force. The feed inlet is large, and the limestone is formed at one time without secondary crushing. In terms of cost, it is less investment. However, the disadvantage is that the hammer head and the grate bar screen wear quickly, and need to be inspected and replaced regularly.

Fine crushing and secondary crushing: Considering the durability of the production line, the standard combination of "jaw crusher + impact crusher" is recommended for users. The wear-resistant parts are low in loss, the finished material is more uniform, and the price investment is low.

Sand-making depth shaping: In view of the high requirements of some users on the finished material, it is recommended to add a sand making machine after the second stage of crushing to further sand and shape the stone, thereby forming a three-stage crushing process . Although it seems that the investment cost has increased, in the long run, the finished sand produced by this process has adjustable particle size modulus, reasonable gradation, adjustable various specifications, better quality, and a better price in the market. And the economic profits are particularly considerable.

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