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Type of Cone Crusher | Why does the Operation of Cone Crusher appear Unstable?

author:dahua2 time:2022-11-09

Cone crusher is the key secondary crusher equipment in sand and gravel crushing production line. It has high production efficiency and good discharge particle type. Under normal circumstances, the service life is long, and it is also easy to encounter some common faults in actual use. What kinds of cone crusher are there? What are the specific reasons for the unstable failure under high speed operation? The following is your answer.
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What kinds of cone crusher are there?
At present, there are four types of cone crusher on the market, which are: single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, full hydraulic cone crusher, and compound cone crusher. Luoyang Dahua hot products are single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.
Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
GP series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, using advanced crushing technology, set mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, intelligent control and other technologies in one. The new crusher structure, the optimized laminating crushing chamber and the full intelligent automatic control system make GP series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher have the advanced performance characteristics. It can be widely used in medium crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing operations, production capacity: 115-1200t/h.
single cylinder cone crusher
Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks of medium and above hardness, such as limestone, iron ore, pebbles, non-ferrous ores, granite, basalt, limestone, quartzite and sandstone, etc. Its high speed, high crushing capacity and unique design make the finished products after crushing have high quality cubic shape, and the characteristics of easy maintenance can ensure its high stability of operation. It is a new generation of products replacing spring cone crusher and updating hydraulic cone crusher in mine construction industry. Production capacity: 55-1100t/h.
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Analysis of the cause of unstable operation of cone crusher
1. The supply of oil is not symmetrical and reasonable.
2. The oil cut-off time is inconsistent.
3. Improper operation.
Luoyang Dahua specializes in the production of high quality cone crusher
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