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What are the Pebble Stone Sand Making Machines? How much is It?

author:dahua2 time:2022-11-08

Pebble is a more common pure natural stone, its hardness is large, color is good, and has high usable value. The broken pebble stone is widely used in highway, construction, building materials and other fields. What are the pebble sand making machine and how much it costs? The following is detailed introduction.
I. What are the pebble stone sand making machines?
Pebble stone sand making machine is mainly used to produce sand and stone for construction. Pebble stone sand making machine produces sand with uniform particle size, good particle shape and high compressive strength, which is more in line with the requirements of high standard construction sand than natural sand, and plays an irreplaceable role in various ore crushing operations.
pebble stone sand making machine
1. Fixed sand making machine
PF vertical complex sand making machine: Set a variety of crushing mode in one, widely used in all kinds of ore, building materials, artificial sand and other industries. PF sand making machine is for soft materials crushing, flexible feed, can choose the lubrication mode, thin oil type and grease type modular design can realize the whole interchange.
VSI sand making machine: It is widely used in highway, construction, water conservancy, concrete and other fields. The deep cavity design makes the passing volume is larger, the hydraulic cover is convenient to maintain, the crushing efficiency is high, and the thin oil lubrication provides a larger speed range. Moderate price, wear parts using new wear-resistant materials, longer service life, and reduce maintenance costs.
vsi sand making machine
2. Mobile pebble sand making machine
Mobile sand making machine: Mobile sand making machine is a kind of mobile vehicle sand making equipment. Users can directly drive it to the production site, the overall coordination is good, high production efficiency, and good sand production products. It can be applied to a variety of materials sand processing, favored by the majority of customers.
mobile sand making machine
II. Performance characteristics of pebble stone sand making machine
1. Good launch port and internal more smooth curved design, reduce the flow resistance of materials, greatly improve the material passing capacity.
2. The diamond shape impact block is used in the pebble stone sand making machine to avoid the damage after the material impact wear.
3. Pebble stone sand making machine is equipped with hydraulic cover opening device, can easily and quickly move the cover to easily replace and repair the internal parts.
4. The special sealing structure at the lower end of the spindle of the pebble sand making machine ensures no oil seal and no oil leakage.
III. How much is a pebble stone sand making machine?
Pebble stone sand making machine price depends on the model parameters, from the raw material, workmanship, production technology, to technological level and other different aspects affecting the equipment quotation. If you want to know more about the equipment model and price, welcome to consult us at any time.
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