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Types and Features of Sand Washer

author:dahua time:2019-06-26

As one of the important equipment in building construction, sand washer has a very important aspect in its type and production performance configuration. Different types of sand washer determine the different production capacity, the type should be determined according to the specific needs of customers and the actual processed materials. Bucket sand washer and spiral sand washer are the two most widely used sand washer. What are the different characteristics of these two kinds of sand washer? Here we will analyze the types and features of bucket wheel sand washer and spiral sand washer.

Bucket wheel sand washer:

Bucket wheel sand washer is different in the appearance of spiral sand washer. The bottom of bucket wheel sand washer is a large tank, and a bucket wheel is installed on the top of the tank. The different of the bucket wheel diameter, the amount of the bucket is not the same, the handling capacity is also different.

Features of bucket wheel sand washer: Bucket wheel sand washer has simple structure, almost no wearing parts except sieve. The machine has large handling capacity, small power consumption, and convenient maintenance. The sand loss rate is low during sand washing process.

bucket wheel sand washer

Spiral sand washer:

Spiral sand washer can be divided into single and double spiral sand washer, which is used for washing, grading and dehydration of small grain sand. Spiral classifier adopts the principle that the settling rate of solid grain is different because of its different size and different proportion. Spiral sand washer is placed on the floor, in flute profile, and the spiral graded plates are installed inside the body, which is widely used in construction site, quarry, sand production line, for desliming, filter operation, also can be used for gravel separation, can effectively deal with the materials from 0 to 30 mm.

Features of spiral sand washer: Long and narrow tank, ideal stirring effect, can extend the suspension time of materials in water. The structure is also relatively simple, stable operation, clean effect of sand washing, high yield, and high efficiency.

spiral sand washer

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