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What Is A Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher?

author:dahua2 time:2022-06-14

Dahua Heavy Industry's HPY series hydraulic cone crusher is a new type of multi-cylinder cone crusher that has been technologically improved. The main features are large processing capacity and high output. It is suitable for mining, building materials, metallurgy and other fields. Medium and fine crushing operations, such as: cobblestone, basalt, granite, iron ore, etc.

Hydraulic cone crusher crushes materials through the principle of lamination crushing. The motor drives the horizontal axis of the crusher to rotate through the V-belt and pulley; the horizontal axis is equipped with a high-precision spiral spiral bevel gear (with high transmission stability, It has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, large transmission ratio, stable operation and low noise) to drive the eccentric sleeve assembly to rotate through the bevel gears meshing with each other. The eccentric sleeve with the eccentric inner cylindrical surface forces the body moving cone (crushing part) to do a swinging motion, thereby generating periodic relative motion between the eccentrically oscillating moving cone lining plate and the fixed fixed cone lining plate; the material passes through the top After the feeding hopper enters the crushing cavity formed by the periodic rotating and oscillating moving cone lining plate and the fixed cone lining plate, it is subjected to the crushing force of extrusion and bending, so that the material is crushed. The crushed materials are discharged from the lower frame body's circumferential cavity by self-gravity.

Hydraulic cone crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher is equipped with three hydraulic safety mechanisms: safety cylinder, locking cylinder and hydraulic pushing cylinder, which not only play a safety role, but also handle failures without disassembling machine parts. It can also automatically adjust the discharge size, which is more convenient to operate. The special crushing chamber designed by the principle of lamination and the rotation speed can significantly improve the crushing rate and output, and improve the cube content of the finished product. The equipment can automatically lift the boom hydraulically and automatically unload when it encounters iron and instantaneous traffic jams. The equipment also adopts hydraulic adjustment, thin oil lubrication and effective labyrinth seal, which fundamentally eliminates the defect of easy mixing of water and oil in traditional cone crushers. The crushing wall and rolling mortar wall of the equipment are made of high manganese steel. In addition, through the change of the crushing cavity and the protection of the material layer during lamination, the wear is reduced, and the service life of the wearing parts is increased by 30%-80% compared with the traditional cone crusher.

Cone crusher and impact crusher belong to the secondary crushing equipment. The primary crushing equipment generally uses a jaw crusher, and the bulk materials pass through the crusher of the jaw crusher and then enter the hydraulic cone crusher. The maximum feed size is 360mm, and the minimum output size is 6mm. The output of the crusher can reach up to 2500 tons per hour, and the crushing effect will satisfy the user.

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