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What is the Difference Between Cone Crusher and Impact Crusher?

author:dahua2 time:2021-09-24

Cone crusher and impact crusher are common equipment in the crushing process. They are used for secondary crushing in the production of sand and gravel. How are they different? What is the difference between cone crusher and impact crusher?





1. The different crushing raw materials

Impact crusher generally crushes materials with relatively low hardness, such as quartz , river pebbles, etc. Cone crushers mostly crush materials with high hardness, such as dolomite, granite, etc.

2. The difference price

The price of impact crusher will be cheaper, but the replacement of wearing parts will cost more. The price of the cone crusher will be higher than impact crusher because of the low loss of the wearing parts.


3. The different working principle

Impact crusher means that the material to be crushed  when the reaction plate and the hammer strikes with each other. Therefore, the cost of the wear parts of the impact crusher is higher. The cone crusher squeezes the mortar wall to achieve the crushing effect.

4.The difference particle size requirements

Cone crusher is that the ore is impacted by collision in the cavity, and there are relatively many flake materials, which is suitable for those who do not have very high requirements on the particle size. The impact crusher is more crushing nd less grinding, so that the grain shape is good, and the crushed-material is round and suitable for those who have high requirements for the finished product.

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