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What is the Effect of Cone Crusher Crushing Pebbles?

author:dahua2 time:2022-03-28

Pebble is a common natural stone in nature. The main chemical component is silicon dioxide. It has strong compressive ability and hard texture. It is a rock with high hardness, so it will wear more equipment when broken. Cone crusher mainly uses the extrusion between materials to achieve crushing. Cone crusher integrates the advantages of the hammer crusher and the impact crusher. It has a hydraulic protection system and an over-iron protection device. The principle, overall structure, working principle and material composition are all designed for processing medium-hard materials. When crushing high-hard materials such as pebbles, the wear and tear of the equipment is relatively low, which can save customers' maintenance and replacement costs.

Therefore, although the pebbles is hard in texture, cone crusher adopts the principle of laminated crushing, which can reduce the loss of the pebble wear-resistant parts of the equipment. It is simply suitable to use cone crusher to break the pebbles.

pebble cone crusher

What is the effect of cone crusher crushing pebbles?

1. Cone crusher not only has fine crushing, but also coarse grinding function for pebbles.

2. Cone crusher has a strong crushing capacity, and adopts a modular design in the design, which can realize the conversion of coarse, medium and fine crushing by changing the cavity type. The production capacity is flexible and the application range is wide.

3. The technology of cone crusher is mature, and the hydraulic protection system is designed, which effectively simplifies the operation process, and at the same time ensures that the equipment is safer to use and has higher crushing efficiency; in addition, dust removal, noise reduction and other devices are installed to realize green and low-carbon production.

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