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Wheeled Sand Washer VS Screw Sand Washing Machine

author:dahua2 time:2021-12-22

Sand washing machines are generally used to clean artificial sand. At present, there are many types of sand washing machines, but there are mainly two types of sand washing machines commonly used in the industry, namely, wheeled sand washing machines and screw sand washing machines.

Screw sand washing machine can process stones 30mm, mainly by using different material size and density, and different settling speed in the fluid to clean the material. During the operation of the equipment, the sedimentation speed of particles with fine particle size and small density is slow, and particles with large particle size and density are settling fast. Through this feature, dust, impurities and sand can be effectively separated, and achieve the purpose of filtering water and removing impurities under the uniform agitation of the spiral blades .

There are three types of wheeled sand washing machines, which are divided into single wheeled bucket sand washing machine, double wheeled bucket sand washing machine, three wheeled bucket sand washing machine and so on. During operation, the motor drives the impeller to slowly rotate through the pulley. The material rolls and rubs under the rotation of the impeller, thereby removing impurities on the surface of the material and destroying the moisture layer coated on the sand to facilitate dehydration. At the same time, adding water, strong water flow is formed to take away impurities and dust to complete the cleaning work.

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Compared with the wheeled sand washing machine, screw sand washing machine has strong processing capacity and large area. It is mainly used for washing, grading, and removing impurities of medium-fine and coarse-grained materials. The function is to classify. The wheeled sand washing machine is used to clean stone powder, and there are many materials with relatively small particle size, which can realize the cleaning, impurity removal, dehydration of the finished sand, and the elimination of excess sand with bad particles.

The screw sand washer has high output, strong processing capacity, and its price is relatively expensive. compared with the screw sand washer, the output of the wheeled sand washer is slightly lower. If the output requirements are not high, and the processing of finer aggregates is optional, a wheel-type sand washer can be selected.

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