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Which Types of Crushers are Used to Crush Limestone?

author:dahua2 time:2022-06-10

Limestone is widely used in the cement chemical industry. After mining, a crusher is required to process the limestone from the raw material to the granular state. Which crushers do we need to process limestone? The nature of limestone is relatively soft, and the choice of limestone crusher is relatively wide, so how to choose crusher with relatively high cost performance?

The limestone crushing production line mainly has the following stages: coarse crushing system - secondary crushing system - fine crushing system.

limestone crushing plant

1. Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is used in the coarse crushing stage of the limestone production line. When the jaw crusher processes limestone, the crushing operation is completed by extruding the materials with the movable and fixed jaw plates. It is simple to operate, durable, and has high operating performance. The rod bearing, eccentric shaft bearing and elbow of thrust plate are lubricated with lubricating oil. It is an economical limestone crusher.

2. Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is used in the secondary crushing stage of the limestone production line. Through the impact plate, the plate hammer and the rotor, the limestone falling into the crushing cavity can be crushed under the impact force. The hammer and rotor are suitable for the crushing of limestone with low hardness, which reduces the wear of wearing parts; the chain design adopted in the design of the impact crusher discharge can complete the adjustment of the discharge particle size by adjusting the gap between the plate hammer and the rotor. It is convenient for users to demand the granularity of finished products.

3. Hammer Crusher

Like the impact crusher, the hammer crusher is a fine crushing processing equipment for limestone. The difference is that this equipment can replace the coarse crushing process of the jaw crusher, and can directly crush the limestone into specifications below 25mm;

The hammer crusher adopts double motor operation, which consists of plate hammer and rotor to form the crushing power. The limestone is crushed in three stages in the high-speed rotation driven by the motor, which is equivalent to a coarse crusher and a fine crusher. One machine has multiple functions. Cost saving is not to say, and the equipment also has the ability of stone shaping, returning irregular stones to fine crushing, and mentioning the yield.

4. Sand making machine

Sand making machine, also known as limestone sand making machine, is specially used to crush the finely crushed limestone into construction sand between 1-5mm;

Sand making machine is divided into PLS vertical impact crusher and PFL vertical compound crusher according to different production methods. It has the characteristics of crushing and sand making; it has the advantages of shaping sand making, reducing needle flake stones, and the discharge particle size is uniform and the particle shape is more in line with the construction sand standard.

The crushing principle of the vertical compound crusher is that after the material falls into the crushing cavity, it is first thrown out at a high speed by the throwing disc, hits the counterattack plate to form primary crushing, and then falls into the gap between the hammer head and the counterattack plate, and the gap is from top to bottom. slowing shrieking. The material receives the crushing force of the hammer, extrusion, grinding, etc., gradually from large to small, and finally reaches the set particle size and excludes the crusher.

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