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What type of Crusher Produces Good Grain Shape of the Stone?

author:dahua2 time:2022-04-29

Construction stones are rocks, pebbles, mine tailings that have not been chemically treated (about 200 kinds), and are made by soil removal, mechanical crushing, shaping, screening, powder control and other processes, and the particle size is greater than 4.75mm. What type of crusher produces good grain shape of the stone?

We recommend three kinds of crushers, impact crusher, cone crusher, and vertical shaft impact crusher. The equipment models are complete, with an output of 12-2000 tons per hour. The price is slightly different, which can be determined according to the particle size of raw materials, site conditions and production budge.

1. Impact Crusher

stone impact crusher

Generally, all kinds of soft and medium hardness materials below 800mm are processed, and there are two crushing processes. After crushing, the stones are cubic particles without tension and cracks, with less powder and high yield.

The heavy-duty rotor design is adopted to make it have greater rotational inertia. The wedge is used to fix the plate hammer to ensure the firmness of the rotor under high-speed rotation, and the work is reliable and easy to replace. The plate hammer can ensure the vertical impact of the material and the impact force is large , the crushing efficiency is high.

An adjustment device is installed, which can be freely converted between primary and secondary crushing, ensuring the advantages of counterattack crushing type, and at the same time greatly increasing the output. Hydraulic automatic adjustment of the gap between the counter-attack frame and the blow bar, effectively reducing labor intensity, fast and convenient, and shortening downtime.

2. Cone Crusher

stone cone crusher

Generally, it can handle all kinds of high hardness materials below 560mm, with two crushing processes, the product size is uniform and cube, which reduces needle-like materials.

The PLC touch screen automatic control system ensures the safe operation of the equipment, and the touch screen operation interface displays the real-time working status;

Fixed-axis structure design, large crushing force, low investment in equipment foundation, no need for filler for rolling mortar wall, quick and convenient replacement. Laminated crushing cavity design, hydraulic motor to adjust the discharge port for easy adjustment and operation;

All parts can be disassembled and assembled from the top and side, hydraulic lubrication combined oil station, small size, simple wiring, convenient equipment maintenance;

3. Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

sand vsi crusher

Also known as impact sand making machine, it can process below 55mm, suitable for soft, medium-hard and extremely hard materials, generally as three processes, suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping, no cracks, fine lines, no segregation of coarse and fine particles, The fineness modulus is adjustable.

Deep cavity impeller, the throughput is increased by 30%, and the surrounding guard plate can be turned up and down to prolong the service life;

The combined throwing head only needs to replace the worn part, which can reduce the cost of use. Center and peripheral feeding, flexible adjustment, easy conversion. The lubrication method can be selected, and the bearing chamber is designed with thin oil type and grease type, which can realize the overall exchange.

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