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Impact Crusher - Common used Crusher in Mining Industry

author:dahua1 time:2019-06-12

Impact crusher is used in aggregates processing, construction field and grinding production line, but what diameter of stone dose impact crusher crush? Yes, the instruction inside the equipment has clear introduction. However, the customer who does not familiar with the equipment not know. There are lots of crushing equipments for stone crushing, like jaw crusher, hammer crusher, and impact crusher, etc. They even do not know the structure of each crusher, and the features. Today, we will introduce from impact crusher.

Luoyang Dahua is specialized in manufacturing impact crusher. The products include PFQ vortex strong impact crusher, BP primary impact crusher, ISP strong fine impact crusher, PFY hard rock impact crusher.

For impact crusher, the granularity before feeding should be less than the max. feeding granularity, otherwise, the feeding opening will be blocked, and the hammer plate and impact plate will be worn fastly, also it will generates large noise and strong vibration. The discharging granularity can be controlled through adjusting device, moreover, the finished products can be equipped with vibrating screen to classify the suitable materials.

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Maintenance and operation notice of impact crusher:

1. Choose suitable hardness materials before crushing.

2. The materials should be treated through primary crushing, and when they reach the required size can feed into impact crusher.

3. The humidity of materials should not too high, in case to block the crusher.

4. Check the machine before and after operation. If found problems, should solve in time.

5. Take good maintenance measures, such as lubrication oil, machine cleaning, wearing parts replacement and so on.