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Types and Features of Impact Crushers

author:dahua2 time:2023-10-25

Huazn is an industry-leading impact crusher manufacturer, with nearly 70 years in the business to prove it. Since 1958, we’ve been engineering new designs and improving our existing models to deliver the highest-performing impact crusher machines on the market to our clients.Impact crusher is a common crushing equipment used to process medium hard and brittle materials such as limestone, gypsum, coal, etc.
With strong structure, high efficiency crushing, low energy consumption, uniform product, high adjustability and high degree of automation, impact crusher is suitable for crushing process needs in many ores, construction materials and other fields. Moreover, the high quality, low price and many models of impact crusher make it a more popular crusher equipment in the industry. This article will take you through the types and features of impact crushers.

ISP impact crusher

Compact structure, small foot space, excellent product particle shape. Additionally, the gap between the impact plate and plate hammer can be freely adjusted to control particle size and finished product dimensions.

isp impact crusher

PFY impact crusher

These impact crushers are series of products engineered for the hard rock stones with compressive strength more than 300MPa and Moh’s hardness more than 6. PFY impact crusher has good performance, and can be used in large production line. Consequently, the impact crusher proves suitable for single-stage crushing situation.

pfy impact crusher

PFQ impact crusher

This type of impact crusher is applied to crush medium and low hardness stones with a diameter ranging from 150-700 mm. It features a simple structure, high energy efficiency, small foot space, strong impact resistance, and typically achieves an output of around 600 tons per unit.

pfq impact crusher

Mobile impact crusher plant

Mobile impact crusher plants consist of two types: tire type and crawler type. The equipment can be moved at any time, making it suitable for customers who require flexible changes in the stone crushing production.

mobile impact crusher plant

tire type mobile impact crushing plant

crawler type mobile impact crusher plant

crawler type mobile impact crusher plant


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